Buying a home is a
major financial investment, so it’s important to arm yourself with
as much information about your potential purchase as possible. A home
inspection can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the
property you seek to purchase, granting you peace of mind or alerting
you to problems that may influence your decision-making process.


Do I need a
home inspection?

As a buyer, you are
not required to have a home inspection performed, but it is a very
good idea to do so. A trained inspector will examine your potential
purchase in its entirety, looking for things that you may not see (or
even think to look for) during a regular walk through. Information is
power and the relatively small upfront expense of an inspection can
provide you with a wealth of information about the condition of the
property you are considering. The more you know, the better prepared
you will be when it comes time to make your final decision on whether
or not to sign on the dotted line.


What happens
during an inspection?

During an inspection
a professional inspector walks through the property carefully
examining every important detail of the structure. A thorough
will include
an assessment of the foundation, roof and structural soundness of the
property, as well as the condition of the wiring, plumbing and HVAC
systems. The final inspection report will either tag your property
with a clean bill of health or identify any existing or potential
issues (damage, shoddy repair work, etc.) that may cause problems for
you down the road.


Who pays for
the inspection?

The prospective home
buyer usually assumes financial responsibility for the inspection.
The cost can be affected by a number of factors, including the
location and type of property (single family, multi-family, etc.).
According to Home
, you should expect to pay between $200 and
$500 for an inspection, which may take two to three hours to
complete. Add time for older or larger homes or homes that have
undergone any major repairs or architectural changes over the years.


How do I find
a reputable inspector?

There are a number
of top-rated inspection companies in the Philadelphia area. Talk to
your realtor about house inspectors or check rating sites like Yelp
or Angie’s
for recommendations. The Home Advisor website’s
feature allows users to search a database of pre-screened “Trusted
Pros” in their zip code and surrounding areas.


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