4 Tips For Creating A Child-Friendly Philadelphia Home
Whether you’re setting up your new home for your own little ones or you want to accommodate visiting grandkids, nieces/nephews or friends’ children, there are several ways you can make your home child-friendly. From safety to entertainment, help make the kiddos in your life feel more welcomed with these ideas.

Safety should always be the number one concern when young ones are around. As soon as those little tikes start rolling, the tiniest things can become dangers. Outlet covers, pads for table corners, and cabinet locks are all standard safety measures you can take to keep those little movers safe. Baby gates can keep roaming toddlers confined to safe areas. You should also make sure there are no small bits, such as loose screws or coins, that little ones can put in their mouths. A good way to make sure that your space is child-proofed is to crawl around the room yourself and look for any potential dangers at their eye level.  

Have a Special Place for Toys
Even if you’re making your home child-friendly for your own kids, it can help to create a special area for toys that is not their bedroom. If you have the space, create a playroom for your children’s toys and games. If you don’t have the extra room, you can carve out a corner of a shared living area, such as the living room, family room, or dining room. Creating this space for your own kids helps keep their brains focused on sleep at nighttime instead of on all of the toys in their sight. If your play area is for visiting littles, it will help them feel comfortable and important to have their very own space.

Artwork at Their Level
Adults love to fill their homes with visuals that make us happy. Why should it be different for children? Hang some artwork at their eye level to help keep them stimulated. Hanging their own artwork, especially if you’ve created it together, will make the space feel extra special!

Put a Little Something in Each Room
Let the kiddos in your life know they’re special by having a little something just for them in each room of your home. You can make your bathroom child-friendly with fun-shaped soaps and a couple of kid-centric towels. If you’re designing your home with your own young ones in mind or if visiting littles will be having bath time when they come to stay, keep a basket of bath toys to make clean up time fun. The kitchen is another area of your home you may not instinctively think to make child-friendly. Decorate your refrigerator with kid-friendly magnets that children can play with while you’re cooking or just sitting and having coffee with a friend. If the kids are old enough, you can get them their own apron and let them be your special helper at mealtime.

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